UPTA-10 Laboratory Water purifier

● Microcomputer control, LED color screen display, automatic water production;

● Double outlet water with UP water and RO water at the same time;

● Real time display of flushing, water making, full water, lack of water and maintenance status;

● Automatic timing flushing, automatic water shortage protection;

● Automatic switching on for water taking, automatic switch-off without water need, saving electricity, convenient maintenance, completely replacing traditional water distiller.

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  • 1 inch large screen liquid crystal screen displays in real time running status in Chinese;
  • Water inlet, RO water, UP water quality and temperature display, perfect on-line monitoring;
  • Automatic circulation timely and keeping stable water quality at all times;
  • The selectable Chinese and English is convenient for language use;
  • Pre-treatment, ROM membrane, UV lamp and ultra-pure water bag service life can be set at will, and the use and remaining time of consumables can be displayed;
  • Freely start and shut down the circulation system to prolong the life of ultra-pure water bag
  • Automatic warning of the consumables expiration to avoid water quality decline;
  • The system sets password protection to prevent unauthorized data changes.
  • Timing and quantitative water taking function
  • Standard one-key disinfection functional components to achieve rapid disinfection for RO membrane, circulation pipeline and water tank, to ensure the very low level of bacterial pollution in the system
  • RS-232 communication module, can connect to printer to print water quality report (optional)
  • Full plastic shell, rustless

Technical Specification

  • water source: Urban tap water TDS<200ppm; When TDS>200PPM, water softener is required; water pressure:>0.1Mpa  water yield:10L/H
  • outlet water quality:UP resistivity 18.2mΩ.cm@25C°
  • RO conductivity 2-10us/cm microbe≤1CFU/ml, heavy metal ion≤1ppb,TOC≤10ppb
  • heavy metal ion<1ppb
  • Instant water intake: pure water1.5L/min super pure water 1.2L/min
  • Overall dimensions/weights.:400x490x550mm/35kg




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