Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber China

As a research scientist, doctor, lab assistant or any individual involved in culturing microorganisms and finding causes and remedies of diseases, and developing medicines, you require a constant temperature humidity chamber.

At Labo Hub, we sell the most premium quality machine that excellently caters to your exact needs. Loaded with tons of features, our LTH-N Constant Temperature & Humidity Chamber is a well-equipped machine that addresses your research issues in an accurate and precise manner.

You would be more than impressed by the broad spectrum of attributes of the equipment, trusted by several hospitals, scientists and medical schools across the nation.

  • An imported bran compressions of international standard
  • A super-efficient humidity sensor that indicates the level of moisture within the chamber
  • A highly advanced PID microprocessor
  • An alarm system with clear indicators that help in keeping a tab on temperature levels
  • A polished, robust, durable chamber made of top-quality stainless steel
  • Efficient UV lamp to meet sterilization objectives
  • Perfectly designed system of dual doors
  • A comprehensive protection against leakage
  • A high-performing UV sterilization provision

Get in touch with us via a phone call or email to get more valuable information about the device. Our Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber is the best machine of its kind in the market.