A centrifuge is an instrument which can separate the liquid in the sample mixture form from solid particles or liquid and liquid, using centrifugal force, according to different principles such as  sedimentation coefficient of each component in the mixture , mass, density. This instrument can be found in most laboratories.

There are many types of centrifuges that can be categorized in several ways.

Speed: low speed centrifuge (<10,000 rpm/min), high speed centrifuge (10,000 rpm/min – 30,000 rpm / min) and ultra high speed centrifuge (> 30,000 rpm / min).

Temperature: Some centrifuges have a cooling function, depending on the different requirements of the sample.

Capacity: According to the capacity, it can be divided into micro centrifuge, large capacity centrifuge and super large capacity centrifuge. You need to calculate the total volume of the sample you need to centrifuge each time, and then choose the right rotor and adaptor.

Appearance: According to the appearance, it can be divided into desktop centrifuge and floor-type centrifuge.

If your sample volume is very small, you can choose a mini centrifuge. If you have temperature requirements for centrifuged samples, you can choose a centrifuge with cooling function. As you purchase, you need to know the capacity of your sample, as well as the maximum centrifugal force and maximum speed you need to achieve, so you can choose the right rotor and adapter.

Mini Centrifuge

The mini centrifuge is small in size and is suitable for 2.0ml, 1.5ml, 0.5ml, 0.2ml centrifuge tubes and 0.2ml, 8 rows of centrifuge tubes for PCR. It has the function of open cover pause function, and automatically runs in the original time after closing the lid. It also has the electronic timing function. It has fully transparent round top cover, equipped with multiple rotors.

Meteor Series

  • Speed 4000/7200/10000rpm
  • RFC 810/3260/6652xg
  • Maximum Capacity 2ml*8
  • Easy to replace the rotor
  • Stop in 15 seconds

Low Speed Centrifuge


  • Max. Speed 5000rpm
  • Max. RCF 4390xg
  • Max. capacity 4x500ml
  • Noise <65dB(A)
  • Time rang 1min-99min


  • Max. Speed 4200/5000/6000rpm
  • Max. RCF 2760/4030/5120xg
  • Max. Capacity 12*20/16*15/16*15ml
  • Time rang 1min-99min
  • Noise ≤65dB(A)


  • Max. speed 5500rpm
  • Max. RCF 5310xg
  • Max. capacity 4*500ml
  • Time range 1min-99min59s
  • Noise  <65dB(A)


  • Refrigerated Centrifuge
  • Max. speed 5300rpm
  • Max. RCF 5010xg
  • Max. capacity 4*250ml
  • Speed accuracy ±30rpm
  • Time Range 1min-99min
  • Temp Range -20℃~40℃
  • Noise <65dB(A)

High Speed Centrifuge


  • Max. speed 18500rpm
  • Max. RC 23797xg
  • Max. capacity 4*100ml
  • Time range 1min-99min59s
  • Noise ≦60dB(A)


  • Max. Speed 16500rpm
  • Max. RCF 26054xg
  • Max. Capacity 6*50ml
  • Time range 1min~99min
  • Noise ≦65dB(A)


  • Max. Speed 16000rpm
  • Max. RCF 21532xg
  • Max. capacity 12*5ml
  • Time rang  1min to 99min
  • Temp range -20℃~40℃
  • Noise <57dB(A)


  • Max. speed 16500rpm
  • Max. RCF 18360xg
  • Max. capacity 12*5ml
  • Time range 1min~99min
  • Noise ≦67dB(A)


  • Max. speed 16000rpm
  • Max. RCF 21532xg
  • Max. Capacity 6*50ml
  • Time Range 1min~99min
  • Noise <62dB(A)

High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge


  • Max. speed 16500rpm
  • Max. RCF 21532xg
  • Max. capacity 8*10ml
  • Time range 1min~99min59s
  • Temp. Range -20℃~40℃
  • Noise ≦65dB(A)


  • Max. speed 20500rpm
  • Max. RCF 29200xg
  • Max. capacity 4*750ml
  • Time range 1min~99min59s
  • Temperature range -20℃~40℃