Meteor Series Mini Centrifuge

● Low working noise

● Low vibration

● Largest capacity 2ml*8

● Max RCF 3200G

● Stop in 15 seconds



1.Super low working noise: use the patented special motor, less than 47dB, not exceeding 49dB

2.Low vibration: well designed shock absorber with very lower vibration.

3.Small size, large capacity: The capacity is large than other coequal product, the largest capacity can be 2ml*8

4.Convenient in replacing the rotor: well designed for replacing the rotor without any tools.

5.Large centrifugal force: The Max RCF can be 3200G

6.Stop quickly: two ways for stopping, Free stop no than 15 seconds, the cover braking time only should be 3 seconds

7.Spatial-ratation for 360 arc shape: without any corner. Low wind age resistance, with slow temperature increase.

8.Have the filtration and voltage regulation function: make the centrifuge smooth running, small rotation rate deference.


Model Meteor 4K Meteor 7.2K Meteor 4K-7.2K Meteor 10K
Speed(±5) 4000rpm 7200rpm 4000 / 7200rpm 10000rpm
RFC 810xg 3260xg 810 / 3260xg  6652xg
Power AC85V~264V50/60HZ
Material Cover Main  PC (UL94V-0)
Frame  ABS (UL94V-0)
Absorber  NBR
Rotor  ABS (UL94V-0)
Adapter PP (UL94V-0)
Speed Control  Automatic/Constant speed
Driving System  Direct Drive/Vibration
Brake Sysrem  Dynamic Braking
Acceleration Time Attain the 90% rated speed within 5 seconds
Deceleration Time The cover closed: within 15 secondsThe cover opened: within 6 seconds



Angle RotorWith 0.5ml & 0.2ml adapter 0.2ml*8 tube0.5ml*8 tube1.5ml*8 tube2ml*8 tube
PCD Rotor 0.2ml*8tube0.2ml*8 tube strip *2 rows



4000rpm, 7200rpm, 4000/7200rpm, 10000rpm


810xg, 3260xg, 810/3260xg, 6652xg



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