Anaerobic Incubator China

Anaerobic Incubator of Labo Hub is the highly advance equipment that helps you in performing advanced scientific research. You get accurate results when you use our Anaerobic Incubator.

  • Intelligent temperature control
  • An incredibly robust system providing protection against overheating
  • Controlled UV light for disinfection
  • Secure environment
  • Resistant to contamination of any category

Several research labs, hospitals, clinics, medical schools and universities have bought our anaerobic incubators and have immensely benefitted from its attributes.

The incubator has an extremely sophisticated pneumatic system that keeps a tab on the gas flow in the chamber.

The room chamber of the equipment is made of durable, high-grade stainless steel, providing it requisite robustness.

Our anaerobic incubator has a thick glass window, which is shockproof.

There is a separate provision for storing gloves.

The equipment boasts off a world-class UV sterilizer

It has an ultra-modern Solenoid valve with switch control. Also, our incubator has a double widen door with leakage protection.

There are three distinct types of equipment we sell:

  • LAI-3 Anaerobic Incubator
  • LAI-3T Anaerobic Incubator
  • LAI-D1 D2 Anaerobic Incubator

Place your order with us at an affordable price. You can call us or write to us at any hour to clear your doubts and queries.

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