Who We Are?

Your Lab Solution Provider

LABO-HUB is a laboratory equipment and scientific instrument supplier based in Shanghai China, dedicated to promoting quality laboratory equipments which are made in China. We have own incubator and chamber factory and R&D department. If you are interested in incubator, we believe you will be satisfied with our price and quality. Meanwhile, we know well about other Chinese manufacturers and understand their production advantage and technical level. We can select the high-class products which can meet your requirements. They are the most cost-effective at the same price, comparing with some famous brand. We are familiar with all kinds of laboratory instruments, and also have qualified engineer team to provide technical support and after-service. Our product range includes most of the basic laboratory instruments, whether you are local laboratory instrument dealer, a project procurement manager, or a university research institute, we can provide services for you.

At present, Chinese manufacturing level can be comparable to some famous brands in Europe and Japan. But in the high-end technology field, we still have a lot of space to improve. However, we believe that some basic laboratory instruments have good reputation in foreign countries, because Chinese technology is mature. We are happy to recommend quality products to overseas users. So that the buyers without many budgets can find quality products and services. Most of our products have ISO9001, CE certificates, so they are recognized by most European countries.

Our Mission

  • Constantly research the Chinese laboratory instruments market and find the newest and top products. Learn about the latest technical information in each industry.
  • Constantly look for distributors, dealers and partners oversea, to promote the quality products together, and achieve a win-win situation.
  • Before the shipment, we will carry out strict quality inspection to ensure that the end user receives no quality problems.
  • Provide follow-up after-sales service after shipments, such as technical consultation and overseas installation.

What We Can Do

We don’t supply low-priced products, because we believe in the value of our reliable services.

Pre-sales Consultation

You only need to provide us with your parameter requirements. We have professional engineers who can recommend the most suitable products for you and give you a preferential EXW offer. If possible, please let us know your order quantity and the destination of the end user, we will give you a quote for CNF.

Laboratory Project Solution

If you are establishing your lab, you can tell us the instrument list you need, your total budget. Or, tell us the model of the famous brand, we can recommend Chinese substitutes to you, according to the corresponding parameters. Or, you can tell us what samples you need to test, we can also recommend the corresponding solution to you.

Provide OEM Service

We have good cooperation in chamber manufacture. We can give you the direct factory price. If you are committed to developing your own brand, we are happy to provide you with OEM services. We recommend that you order samples from us firstly, then have a detailed understanding before bulk order. After you confirm the sample, we can discuss about the LOGO customization, packaging customization and other matters.

Visit Qualified Factory

If you have plan to China for a business visit, we are happy to participate in your schedule. You can tell us which products you want to know, or tell us which industry you are in. We can recommend several factories for your survey based on your intentions. We will accompany you throughout the whole process. It will bring convenience to your business visit definitely.

Collect Product Information

If you want to contact any factory in China and learn more about the product which you are willing to purchase, we will be happy to assist you. We are more familiar with Chinese Factory. After all, in China, we can collect information more convenient than you, saving you time and money.

Domestic Procurement

If you have already found your suitable product, we can provide export declaration services for you, we also can go to the factory do product inspection, quality inspection, and other follow-up work for you.

If you have any of the above requirements, please contact us and let us know your details and requirements.

Our Factory

Most of our factories are located in the Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang regions. Generally speaking, it takes about 3 hours to drive from Shanghai to the factory. The transportation is very convenient. The factory has a production line that complies with the ISO9001 standard. There are various departments, such as material department, assembly department, finished product department, and inspection department. Generally, small general laboratory instruments, delivery time is in 1-2 weeks. Some high-end instruments, the delivery time will be based on the order quantity, and it will take more time. If you order our products, under normal circumstances, we supply neutral packaging, English operation panel and English user manual. If you want to display your LOGO on the product, we need to calculate the corresponding cost.

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” We love international trade and we hope more foreign end-users can use our products  which is made in China. I know there may still be many deficiencies, but we will continue to improve. Welcome all world friends to give us valuable advice! “

-Mandy Yang

( Marketing Representative )