There are many purification methods in the laboratory, deionization, distillation, filtration reverse osmosis, and ultra-filtration. The experimental water purification equipment mainly includes distilled water and water purifier machine.

Water Purifier

The water used in the laboratory must be purified water, so it is necessary to use a pure water machine to filter the floating matter in the water, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc., and generally use multi-stage filter for water purification treatment. In the laboratory, there must be a laboratory water purifier.

UPTC Series

  • Microcomputer control
  • LED color display
  • UP water and RO water same time
  • Real-time status display
  • Automatic timing rinse
  • Automatic water shortage protection
  • Automatic start when taking water


  • 5.1 inch LCD Screen
  • Real-time display status
  • Water inlet, RO water, UP water quality and temperature display
  • Regular automatic cycle
  • Consumables expiration warning
  • System setting password protection
  • Timed quantitative water taking
  • One-button disinfection function
  • RS-232 interface
  • Plastic housing

Water Distiller

The water distiller uses electric heating tap water to prepare pure water, and uses the principle that liquids vaporize on heat and liquefy on cold , to prepare distilled water. But the disadvantage is that the water contains more impurities.

5L/H 10L/H 20L/H

  • Distilled water production 5L/H 10L/H 20L/H
  • Power 4.5/7.5/13.5KW
  • Voltage 220/380V
  • Distilled water: cooling water 1:8.5
  • Automatic water cut-off control

Rotary Evaporator

The rotary evaporator is used for continuous distillation of volatile solvents under reduced pressure. As a heat source for distillation, it needs to be matched with a corresponding constant temperature water tank.


  • Temp. Range 0-99℃
  • Host lifting 0-150mm
  • Vacuum degree 0.098Mpa
  • Evaporation capacity 20ml/min
  • Rotating bottle capacity 1000mlΦ131mm
  • Collection bottle capacity 500mlΦ105mm
  • Rotation speed 0-120rpm/min
  • Condenser size Φ85*460mm
  • Water bath size Φ240*120mm (5.4L)