The laboratory vacuum equipment needs to be used with other laboratory instruments and is not a single-operation device. With different devices, the purpose is different.

Circulating Water Vacuum Pump

When you use a rotary evaporator, you can use a circulating water vacuum pump. It has the advantage of being resistant to various solvents and can be evacuated to -0.098 MPa. Depending on the volume of the evaporator, different models can be selected.


  • Double taps, dual display
  • Can be used individually or in parallel
  • Acid ,alkali and solvent corrosion resistant
  • water should be replaced regularly
  • SHB-IIIA  304 stainless steel suction nozzle
  • SHB-IIIT corrosion-resistant transparent box
  • Flow 80L/min
  • Lift 10m
  • Max Vacuum -0.098MPa(2KPa)
  • Single head pumping volume 10L/min
  • Pumping heads 2pcs
  • Water tank capacity 15L


  • Double-sided
  • Four taps
  • Four meters
  • Four operators can do experiment at same time
  • Four taps can be simultaneously vacuumed
  • Flow 80L/min
  • Lift 10m
  • Max Vacuum 0.098(20mbar)
  • Single head pumping volume 10L/min
  • Pumping heads 4pcs
  • Water tank capacity 18L

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

The portable oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump can be combined with a vacuum filter device, which has the advantage of small volume and ensures that the filter medium is not contaminated. It can help to complete vacuum filtration, solvent filtration, vacuum distillation, solid phase extraction and so on.


  • No need pump oil
  • easy to move
  • low noise
  • Unique leather film design
  • Does not produce pollution
  • Suction flow rate 10L/min
  • Vacuum Pressure ≥0.75Mpa

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

The rotary vane vacuum pump can be used together with a vacuum drying oven. The vacuum drying oven needs to maintain a certain degree of vacuum in the working chamber, and has a strong pumping force, but you need to pour the oil into the pump before work.

2XZ-B Series

  • Pumping rate 2/4/6/8/15/25(L/S)
  • Ultimate pressure ≤4×10-2
  • Speed 1400(r/min)
  • Air inlet diameter Φ30mm
  • Oil capacity(L) 1/1.2/3/4L