Biochemical Incubator China

Labo Hub is your trusted partner in all kinds of research activities that involve a high-standard, feature-rich biochemical incubator. Top hospitals nationally and globally have bought our incubator machines and have progress unprecedentedly. Research labs of various countries have also benefitted by purchasing our highly advanced biochemical incubators.

There are two major biochemical incubators we sell:

  • LBI Biochemical Incubator (Cooling Incubator)
  • LBI-N Series Biochemical Incubator (free of Fluorine)

Top attributes of these devices are:

  • World-class imported compressor
  • Accurate temperature control with the aid of a sophisticated microprocessor
  • An LCD display
  • Chamber made of stainless steel
  • Flexible yet hard, moveable shelves
  • An integrated UB lamp
  • A highly functional fan used for the purpose of forced convection
  • An impeccably designed dual door system
  • Expertly designed magnetic seal
  • Flawless protection against any kind of leakage
  • Provision for spare temperature control

The well-equipped biochemical incubator of Labo Hub ensures there are no technical hurdles in your research process. From maintaining humidity, temperature, other parameters to the early observation of research results, our biochemical incubators are fit for your extensive research agendas.

You can call us anytime to ask questions about the machines. We would be glad to address your queries. Get in touch.

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