Heating Incubator For Sale

Are you a researcher at a prestigious private lab? Do you lead a team of scientists at a pharmaceutical company? Are you a doctor? All these professions require heavy usage of a heating incubator. At Labo Hub, we sell the best quality and incredibly equipped heating incubator at affordable price.

The specific product we well is called LI Heating Incubator.

The machine enhances the medical research infrastructure of your unit. Till date, several clients have purchase our heating incubator, and truly benefitted from its attributes.

Investing in a heating incubator is one of the wisest research decisions.

Primary attributes of our heating incubator are:

  • A uniquely designed air duct that modulates the flow of air into the system
  • A highly sophisticated microprocessor control for moderating the environment
  • A superlative LCD screen for enhancing the provision to observe results of the experiment at any phase
  • A flexible, durable and removable shelf
  • A finely designed glass door
  • A sealing ring made of high-grade silicon
  • Extensive leakage protection features
  • Provision to integrate an option printer / RS485 interface

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to call us. You can also shoot an e-mail. We would address your queries about our heating incubator equipment, responsively.