Medicine Stability Testing Chamber China

Our superior quality medicine stability testing chamber, with high-grade dual refrigeration system and top-quality humidity sensor cater to your medical and scientific needs perfectly.

Some of the premium attributes of our equipment are:

  • Alarm system for overheating
  • A large, prominent LCD screen with clear features
  • An integrated printer that nicely records relevant data
  • A chamber made of high-quality stainless steel
  • An integrated power socket
  • A sleek and efficient UV lamp to meet the purpose of sterilization
  • A reliable compressor
  • PID control to keep a tab on parameters such as temperature & humidity
  • A strong water tank made of stainless steel
  • Smartly designed dual door system

Whether you are a research lab or a big hospital chain, you can always rely on the incredible strength of our medicine stability testing chamber. You will have full control on your research and findings, when you use the equipment. The wide range of features of the testing chamber provides you more flexibility to add value to your research works and lab tests.

Temperature range in degree Celsius is 0 to 65. The humidity range of the equipment is 30% to 95%.

Give us a call to know more details about the machine.