HS-12 Magnetic Stirrer

● Max temperature 380℃

● Aluminum panel

● Separate safety circuits

● Strong magnetic


This hot plate contains an integrated magnetic stirrer, ideal for use in a laboratory. The dual controls allow you to set heat output and stirring speed independently. The hot plate can reach a maximum temperature of 380℃ with an output of 180 watts. The magnetic stirrer is adjustable from 0 to 1600rpm.

A support stand with and adjustable thermometer holder is also included. The support stand extends about 10” above the hot plate’s surface.


1.Max heating temperature 380℃, heating power 180W

2.Aluminum panel for uniform temperature distribution

3.Separate safety circuits with fixed safety temperature of 380℃,automatically stops heating once exceed secure temperature

4.Strong magnetic to avoid the magnetic stirring bar escaping


Name Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer
Model HS-12A HS-12B HS-12
Plate Size 12*12cm 12*12cm 12*12cm
Speed(r.p.m) / 0-1600 0-1600
Description Heating Stirring Heating & Stirring
Heating Temp. 380℃ / RT~380℃
Max Stirrer Volume 1 Liter 1 Liter 1 Liter
Notes Aluminum Panel Aluminum Panel Aluminum Panel



Plate Size



/, 0-1600r.p.m, 0-1600r.p.m

Heating Temp.

380℃, /, RT~380℃



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