BHS Series Laboratory Water Bath

● Concave surface

● Anti-seepage design

● 304 stainless steel tank and cover

● Digital thermoregulation

● Built-in drainage pipe



1.Concave surface: Protect temperature control instrumentation from being destroyed by the overflowed boiling water during heating.

2.The tank is using a molding technology. No-interface, no welding seam, to avoid rusting and leaking. The circular arc from would be easy to clean.

3.The tank and cover are made of 304 stainless steel. Reprocessed surface to avoid rusting and corrosion. Size of the hole can be customized.

4.The cap is made of plastic (PP)


Concave surface anti-seepage design

The tank and cover are made of 304 stainless steel

Digital thermoregulation, built-in drainage pipe.



Model Tem.Range Power Tem.Resolution WorkChamber Size
BHS-1Single Hole RT~99.9℃ 300W 0.1℃ 16*16*13cm
BHS-2Double Holes RT~99.9℃ 600W 0.1℃ 30*15*14cm
BHS-4Two RawFour Holes RT~99.9℃ 1200W 0.1℃ 30*30*14cm
BHS-6Two RawSix Holes RT~99.9℃ 1800W 0.1℃ 45*30*13cm




Chamber Size

16*16*13cm, 30*15*14cm, 30*30*14cm, 45*30*13cm



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