MIX-28 28+ Mini Mixer

● Maximum oscillating diameter 30mm,

● Plastic outer shell

● Chemical corrosion resistant

● Stable thickened base

● 12V low-voltage power converter

● MIX-28+ has adjustable speed

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  • The maximum diameter of the oscillating vessel is 30mm, which can be used to oscillate test tubes and centrifuge tube, mixing effect is remarkable
  • The outer shell and test tube base are made of plastic, chemical corrosion resistant and thickened base. It’s more stable.
  • Integrated 12V low-voltage power converter in the lighter, more portable.
  • MIX-28+ can achieve adjustable speed and meet more mixed requirements.


Model MIX-28 MIX-28+
Shaking Orbit 4.5mm(circle) 4.5mm(circle)
Shaking Mode Circle Shaking (Vortexing) circle
Motor Input / Output Power 1.2 W / 0.8 W
Shaking Speed 4000rpm 0-4000rpm
Power Supply DC12V 1A DC12V 1A
Power 12W
Size W.110XD.110XH.86mm
Weight 1.2kg


Rotary knob design, handle and set conveniently in laboratory.

Streamlined design, convenient for laboratory research, smart and exquisite, easy for storing.



Shaking Speed

4000rpm, 0-4000rpm



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