LCB Clean Bench Vertical Type

● Vertical type
● Special designed table top
● Stainless steel board
● Large LCD screen
● High efficient ironclad centrifugal fan
● Low noise
● Spring-type sliding door

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  • Vertical type, special designed table top, effectively prevent the external air into the cleaning work chamber and ensure the safety of the operator.
  • Stainless steel board, Large LCD screen to display air flow, working time, pressure difference, working status, etc.
  • High efficient ironclad centrifugal fan with the features of stable work and low noise.
  • Spring-type sliding door, can be positioned freely within the specified range.

Technical Specification

 Applicable Station 1F:one person two side 1FD:one person one side 2F:two person two sides2FD:two person one side  two person one side
Airflow Direction                         Vertical
Clean Level Class 100@≥0.5um(U.S.Federal 209E)
Wind speed 0.3~0.6m/s(Recommended speed: 0.5m/s)
Colony Count ≤0.5/vessel(Petri dish: φ90mm )
Noise Level ≤62dB(A)
Power Supply AC220V/50Hz
Illumination Intensity                 ≥300Lx
Vibration Semi-Peak Value ≤3um ≤5um ≤4um
Maximum Power 0.4Kw 0.8Kw 0.8Kw
N.W. / G. W.(Kg) 80/130 130/210 130/210
Interior Size(W*D*H)cm 87*70*52 136*70*52 112*65*72
Exterior Size (W*D*H)cm 99*72*166 148*72*166 136*80*180
Package Size (W*D*H)cm 114×86×186 164×86×186 144×94×191
HEPA Filter 820×600×50 one pc 1310×600×50 one pc 610×610×50 two pcs
Fluorescent lamp 20W*1 20W*2 30W*1
  UV lamp 20W*1 20W*2 30W*1




Interior Size

87*70*52cm, 136*70*52cm, 112*65*72cm



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