Laboratory Refrigerator (2-8℃)

2-8℃ Laboratory Refrigerator, offers a wide variety of research and storage application, such as low temperature scientific experiments, preservation of plasma, biomaterial, vaccine, biomedical properties of military products. It is suitable for research institutes, electronic industries, chemical engineering industries, hospitals, sanitation and antiepidemic stations, university laboratories, military industries.


Technical Specification

Model BPR-5V160 BPR-5V250 BPR-5V310 BPR-5V588 BPR-5V1000
External Size(W*D*H) mm 500*550*1300 580*575*1810 620*575*1980 1220*630*1885 1220*860*1885
Capacity 160L 250L 310L 588L 1000L
Temp. Range 2℃~8℃
Temp. Accuracy 0.1℃
Control System Microprocessor Control, Large Screen LED Display
Alarm Audible and visual alarm for: High and low temperature, Power failure alarm,  Sensor failure, Door ajar
Refrigeration Type Forced air refrigeration system
Refrigerant R600a, CFC Free R134a, CFC Free
Condenser & Evaporator Bundy tube condenser
Defrost Auto defrost
Door Glass door with heat reflection film Glass door with electric heating
Construction Structure Unibody Design & Mono-assembly foaming (Rigid polyurethane insulation material)
Internal Material Embossed aluminum sheet Cold-rolled steel coated with anti-bacteria powder
External Material PCM Cold-rolled steel coated with anti-bacteria powder
Shelves 4 pcs 4 pcs 5 pcs 10 pcs
Door Glass door with heat reflection film Glass door with electric heating
Consumption 136W 170W 180W 560W
Power Supply AC110/220V±10%, 50/60Hz
Standard Accessory LED Lamp, shelves, door keys, USB port, probe access port(BPR-5V588 & BPR-5V1000)
Optional Accessory Temperature recorder
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 590*595*1380 670*650*1870 700*650*2030 1340*750*2100 1340*980*2100
Gross weight 51kg 68kg 84kg 248kg 280kg




160L, 250L, 310L, 588L, 1000L

Temp. Range




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